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Dietary Supplement

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TIENS Chitosan

TIENS Chitosan is a formula that effectively supports slimming diet. On the one hand it reduces the calorie value of the diet thanks to its unique ability to bind fat particles. On the other hand, by swelling in the stomach it fills it and as a result defeats hunger.
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TIENS Cordyceps

The properties of cordyceps, the ’miraculous fungus’, have been known in Chinese medicine since ancient times. The most recent scientific research confirms these claims pointing to numerous qualities of Cordyceps sinesnsis that boost natural defence, body functions and overall well-being.
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TIENS Kardi Krill Oil

Food supplement which is a pure and natural source of omega-3 leaving no aftertaste. Krill used for manufacturing TIENS Kardi in souced in the Antarctica in the cleanest waters in the world. Antarctic krill is the world’s purest source of marine omega-3.
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TIENS Nutrient Super Calcium

Calcium is the chemical element that builds and regulates our body. It is responsible for strong teeth and healthy bones. The proper concentration of this element ensures normal blood clotting and skeletal muscles contraction, as well as good night’s sleep and mood. We get recommended amounts of calcium from the food we eat. Sometimes, to avoid calcium deficiencies, a diet supplement should be considered.
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TIENS Spirulina

Spirulina is an algae with high nutrient value and benefits. It is a source of easily absorbable protein, vitamins, minerals and other substances essential for the human body. It is exactly for its nutritional value that spirulina enriches the diet for example of astronauts during space expeditions.
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TIENS Super Calcium Powder for Children

Calcium is an element essential for health and development of children. However, nutritionists are alarming that children’s diet is lacking products rich in calcium. This can lead to increased risk of bone damage, dental caries and in the future to osteoporosis. It is hence recommended that children and adolescents consume three calcium-rich products in the everyday diet, and in periods of increased requirement for calcium their bodies are supported with appropriate supplementation.
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TIENS Zinc Capsules

Zinc is called the element of health and beauty for a good reason. This micro-element plays an important role in many processes that occur in the body. It helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. It supports the function of the brain and sex hormones. Unsurprisingly, when this element is in short supply, our body ’goes on strike’. TIENS Zinc preparation helps to preserve its healthy levels.
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