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The Tiens Group is a successful major global enterprise with ambitions to make a difference to world health, to create business development opportunities and to spread hope. With its origins firmly rooted in China, TIENS is fast becoming a cosmopolitan brand for global consumers. Tiens products focus on Health, Nutrition and Well-being as well as Skin-Care.

Every day, in over 190 countries around the world, more than 30 million households are enjoying and benefiting from natural, healthy products produced by the renowned Chinese company.

TIENS that was founded in 1995 in the Chinese city of Tianjin. Its range of health products is inspired by a 5000 years old Chinese health-preserving culture. Today the company globally turns over more than $1.6 Billion USD, employing more than 10,000 employees.

Thousands of TIENS staff and global Distributors make it their daily mission to promote a positive, natural and healthy lifestyle. Their message is one of health, enterprising spirit, success, compassion and hope.

TheTiens Group has always subscribed to the philosophy of ‘serve society by restoring health to mankind’ and actively shoulders its corporate social responsibilities. So far, the Tiens Group has donated more than 220 Million USD to charity and public welfare projects.



-      STEPHEN BEDDOE - General Manager & CEO (Mob: 0412 414 906)

-      JOHN SIMCOCKS - Head of Commercial & Operations (Mob: 0427 881 088)

-      TONY DENG - Human Resources Manager (Mob: 0422 012 066)

-      KATHERINE PUI - Training Manager (Mob: 0481 706 338)

-      JERRY XU - IT Maintenance (Mob: 0467 741 379)